Jul 08, 2024

Home renovation samples
Home renovation samples by Pixabay

Renovating your home can be an exciting journey, transforming your living space into the dream dwelling you've always wanted. However, amidst the excitement, it's crucial to undertake precautions to avoid common pitfalls that could lead to home insurance claims. By following a few key tips, homeowners can ensure their renovation process is not only smooth, but also secure.

Check for Pipes Before Drilling or Cutting Through Walls

One of the most common mistakes during home renovations is accidentally cutting through water pipes. This can lead to significant water damage, a common cause of home insurance claims. Before you start drilling or cutting, use a stud finder with a built-in metal detection feature to locate pipes behind walls. Additionally, turning off the water supply can mitigate potential damages should an accidental puncture occur.

Adhere to Local Safety Codes

Local safety codes are established to ensure that all construction work is safe and up to standards. Ignoring these codes not only puts you at risk of fines but also potential accidents that could lead to insurance claims. Before beginning any work, check your local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance, especially for structural, electrical, and plumbing works.

Employ a Licensed Electrician

Electrical work is complex and can be dangerous if not done correctly, often leading to electrical fires. Hiring a licensed electrician ensures that all electrical work in your renovation is up to code and safe, significantly reducing the risk of fire and subsequent insurance claims.

Proper Storage of Hazardous Materials

Renovations often involve the use of materials that can be hazardous if not handled or stored correctly, such as paint, solvents, and adhesives. Improper storage can lead to accidents, including fires or health hazards. Ensure these materials are stored in a cool, dry place, away from any sources of ignition and out of reach of children.

Update Your Insurance Policy for New Additions

By following these tips, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of common insurance claims during renovations. Careful planning, adherence to safety standards, and coordination with your insurance provider are key to a safe and successful renovation project.

It's essential to ensure that your home insurance policy covers the new additions to your home. Renovations can increase the value of your home, and failing to update your insurance policy could mean you're underinsured in the event of a claim. Contact us to review your homeowner insurance policy today.

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